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If you're looking for an honest, hard-working contractor that you can trust, look no further. Believe me, we've looked. My wife and I have had the privilege of working with Omer Barel.  From day one, Omer has conducted himself in a professional manner and has had our best interest in mind. He has been so patient and kind, answering every single one of our millions of questions and hypotheticals. After multiple encounters, phone calls and emails, Omer submitted us a very fair proposal for the remodel of our bathroom, kitchen, patio, landscape and other areas of the house. For the scope of work, you will not find a better offer. If you're thinking of remodeling, give Omer a call. I promise he won't let you down.


Todd B.

Los Angeles, CA



Call me crazy. Three months ago I decided to remodel not one, but BOTH baths in my condo. Not simple remodels either. Take everything back to the studs, reassign functions like installing a 40" round jacuzzi spa tub in a room that previously had a standard walk-in shower. New everything!

The inconveniences this would create would be challenging, so I needed to find a contractor who understood what I wanted.  From the first phone call to the final walk-through, Omer, Effie and the entire team handled themselves with a level of professionalism and commitment to quality I've never seen.

Our first meeting lasted several hours. I have a degree in Architecture and work for one of America's top home builders so I drew up some preliminary designs and shared my ideas with Omer Barel. At that first meeting, Omer provided me with a breakdown of how long the remodels would take to complete, when payment would be due at each phase, what would be required of me (selecting tile and paint, purchasing sinks and fixtures, etc.), and what the total project would cost.

Yes... what they quote you is what you pay! This was a surprise to me because, if you've ever remodeled, you KNOW that there are always hidden surprises once you start opening up walls. Omer assured me that there would be no hidden fees working with him.

Once the work began, the team did an amazing job working in our home. Two bathrooms in different areas of a condo COULD have turned into a dust nightmare. But every day, they put down AND pulled up plastic. Cleaned to where some days it looked like they hadn't been there. Once the projects were completed, the final cleaning made our home sparkle like new.

One comment Omer made repeatedly during the project "I want you to be happy." He meant it. There were some challenging moments during the project (none due to the company) and Omer offered quick solutions and time-saving alternatives to ensure the project would still be completed to our satisfaction. OUR satisfaction! You'll have a difficult time finding that commitment anywhere else.

Do yourself a favor. Read ALL the positive reviews others have left and trust Omer with your home remodeling project(s). Like me, you'll be happy you did.


Don Rich

West Hollywood, CA



I needed my kitchen done in my condo since it's was falling apart due to bad cabinetry that had seen better times throughout the years. I have looked on Yelp to find a contractor in my area that can do the job within my price and with great quality. Unique Remodeling came from a referral from a friend who knew the owner and suggested that I should give them a shot. After meeting with 4 companies that I had found on Yelp I went with Omer - the owner of Unique Remodeling - because he made me feel that everything he said he can and will deliver. And so he did. Plus he beat the price of the company I almost went with. Omer has a great eye when it comes to design. Omer took the time to shop with me and show me the products needed and helped me make the decisions regarding the materials. This took few visits to International tile and some local slab yards. He was always a phone call or a text away and listened to all my concerns that I had (mainly my cat). The crew was great and cleaned up after themselves and was always respectful to my home. Effie who was great as well helped throughout the process with any questions I had.
I couldn't ask for any better company to work with. Just a good experience overall and I will definitely recommend Omer & Effie and their company to my friends and colleagues for any upcoming projects.

Give Omer a call and get a contractor who follows through on his own word in the promised agreement and more.


Mark Kessel

Los Angeles, CA



I recently took the plunge to renovate my bathroom after procrastinating for 7 years. I think it took so long because I never found a contractor that felt right or was not giving me the sales pitch. You have to go in with blind faith and for me it had to feel right. I met Omer and Effie through a recommendation of friends that had renovations with Unique and they were extremely happy with the work that was done.


I am at a complete loss for words about the outcome of my dream bathroom coming to life in every aspect that I had imagined and more. Besides being stunning, every feature was beautifully executed, the workmanship fabulous and working with Unique was a fantastic experience. Living through a renovation is not pleasant, but they made it as painless as one can realistically expect under the circumstances. Trust is a huge factor, especially with so many people coming in and out of your home on a consistent basis, and I can honestly say that the comfort level created by Omer and Effie kept me at ease each and every day.


Their work ethic is amazing and they came through on every promise and corrected any and all issues that needed to be fixed or corrected without any fuss. Omer always told me that I had to be completely happy with everything or else he was not doing his job and I really appreciated that fact. No renovation is perfectly smooth and issues always arise, but the manner in which they are dealt with is the key to keeping the stress and frustration at a minimum, and they certainly took on the stress for me and made it mostly go away.


One of the biggest factors is that I never felt gouged or there were never any circumstances of "problems" that needed more money to fix - this is a common fact amongst contract work, and happily I did not have to deal with that. I cannot stress enough that if you need to remodel, then this IS your team. Their personal attention is fantastic and every text, phone call and email was responded to in a very timely manner which is very rare these days. I think the results speak for themselves as depicted in the photos I have posted.


Unique Remodeling is the ONLY way to go. You will not regret this decision - I would use them again in a heartbeat.


Janine .G

Venice, CA